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Slash Is To Die For. <3
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I Remember, Mom... by blackfoxlady I Remember, Mom... :iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 4 18
The Gift
Bones'  mind was racing in all directions... Had been, in fact, for nearly two weeks now, ever since he had finally decided to tell the Captain how he felt... The decision had been a tough one, but not nearly as tough as trying to figure out just how he was going to do it... Should he go for straightforward, and cut to the chase?  Should he try for romantic, as in candle light and wine?  Or maybe... Oh hell!  This was driving him crazy... Even that green-blooded smart-ass Spock knew something was not quite right, and had been giving him those "I know something is up, and you'll tell me sooner or later" looks of his... Just because Spock and he and Jim had been friends all these years didn't mean he had to tell Spock everything, did it? None of his damn business what was going on, was it? No, it wasn't, and he wasn't about to let it slip to Spock before he had a chance to tell Jim! That's why tonight had to be the night... Get it out once and for
:iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 9 11
Illustration for 'The Gift' by blackfoxlady Illustration for 'The Gift' :iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 7 6 Never Bet With 'Bones'... by blackfoxlady Never Bet With 'Bones'... :iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 5 54
The Winds of Time
She moved towards the little building
And she hoped the chimes still hung
From the beam where she had placed them
To sing where once she'd sung...
So many years had come and gone
Since last she saw him there...
She wondered if now, when he saw her again,
He'd still think her as comely and fair...
She knew she would find him as ever he was,
Handsome and tall, full of grace...
But if changes there were, then happy she'd be
Just to gaze on his dear loving face...
For her love was unchanged through the years that had passed
Since the terrible night, long ago,
When he fought for her honor, and unwittingly killed
His own brother, who he challenged as foe...
When the helm was removed, and he saw what he'd done,
His heart near exploded in grief...
As he died in her arms, she took his short sword
And in death, found her own heart's release...
But instead of being together in death
Fate decreed them to separate places...
Ne'er to meet, save for once every two hundred years
Might they gaze upon e
:iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 7 18
First Attempt in Color-VW Bug by blackfoxlady First Attempt in Color-VW Bug :iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 8 18
Home Sweet Home
I'm told I have to sell our home,
Give up the furniture,too...
I have to part with everything
But my memories of you...
I wish that you were here with me
To help me through this time...
With all the problems that I've had,
Life seems an uphill climb...
But, thought of you still comfort me,
And I feel that you are near,
And sometimes in the darkest night,
Your voice is what I hear...
Some other family will come,
And live where we did dwell...
And other feet walk where we walked,
Their shadows, where ours fell...
It hurts me so, to let it go,
But, when I'm feeling blue,
I think about His promise
Of a Heavenly Home, with you...
And it cheers me when I realize
That earthly woes will pass...
And soon I know I'll be with you,
Forever at home, at last.
:iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 2 8
Spirk Family Portrait by blackfoxlady Spirk Family Portrait :iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 35 84 Amanda Winona Kirk-age 9 mos. by blackfoxlady Amanda Winona Kirk-age 9 mos. :iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 19 36 As Long As Someone Remembers by blackfoxlady As Long As Someone Remembers :iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 6 25 April Fool In Fancy Feathers by blackfoxlady April Fool In Fancy Feathers :iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 2 28
Devotion To...?
"Yes, sir... No, sir..." all day through...
I don't know how you can stand it!
I would think, just one time, you'd like to tell Kirk
To take his command chair and cram it!
But no, you're a Vulcan, and far above that,
Though deep down inside it may seem
If he asks for a readout just one more time,
You will have to give voice to a scream!
Yet... somehow I know that you do love your job,
And you shall, till the universe ends...
For no matter what else, it will keep you beside
Your t'hy'la, and the rest of your friends....
:iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 11 71
Thanks,Scotty... by blackfoxlady Thanks,Scotty... :iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 3 40
Jim's Song - For Racionn
I remember I told you to stay on the ship
And 'mind the store' while I was gone...
But you disobeyed orders, and gave Bones the slip,
For, some way, you knew something was wrong...
My homing device had malfunctioned somehow
With the proton bomb ready to blast...
I ran back to the shuttle, and crouched in it's bow,
And prayed death would be painless, and fast...
Then... the blast! But it merely had stunned me,
(I'm amazed that I ever lived through it...)
And I woke, being carried so effortlessly
That I knew only one who could do it...
I couldn't move, couldn't speak, and you had not
Seen my eyes open... You thought I was dead...
And the glimpse that I got proved to me that
Your genes were quite human, as Bones often said...
That calm, cool, expressionless mask was long gone,
And your face, so unchanged by the years,
Was twisted with grief, and I know that as long as I live
I'll remember your tears...
Well, things turned out just fine on that long ago day,
And on other occasions since th
:iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 12 37
Feelin' Lucky, Mama? by blackfoxlady Feelin' Lucky, Mama? :iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 13 114
For Better or Worse-Epilogue
"Daddy Jim,where do babies come from?" Amanda Winona asked as she was being tucked in for the night... Her eyes were at half-mast already, for the wedding reception had lasted far longer than anyone had expected... And after all the excitement of the day, she was one tired little girl... Joanna and Elia had decided to spend the night with Aunty Chrissie Chapel, who, as Elia explained, was sort of sad and needed to have some company to cheer her up...
'Daddy Jim' looked at her with astonishment, and not a little amusement... This particular question was one he hadn't planned on having to answer for a while yet... She was only four... But he had forgotten that while she was little, being part Vulcan she understood and questioned things beyond her chronological age... He stopped fussing with the blankets, and sat down on the edge of her bed, cleared his throat, and said:
"Wherever did you come up with that one?" in a soft, low voice... He was secretly hoping if he could stall long enough,
:iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 2 28


Hot momma by kittkattdoll96 Hot momma :iconkittkattdoll96:kittkattdoll96 1 1
Seek Not An Answer
I can show you no truths, I can lead you to no revelations.
I can not show you the way.
The path you take is yours alone, and you must walk it alone.
But if you are tired, if you are hungry, if you are cold I can help you.
But one night we can pretend we are not alone, we can laugh and sing and dance.
Fight back the darkness and our demons, laugh in the face of desolation.
For in the morning the sun will show us for what we really are.
Two strangers, weathering a storm.
:iconweaselfreelance:weaselfreelance 4 5
CHIYO CITY by arch-angel-azrael CHIYO CITY :iconarch-angel-azrael:arch-angel-azrael 4 6 Trekin by CannibalismOfMachine Trekin :iconcannibalismofmachine:CannibalismOfMachine 72 61 On His Knees by karracaz
Mature content
On His Knees :iconkarracaz:karracaz 19 11
Death Once More by slashygirl Death Once More :iconslashygirl:slashygirl 8 8 OC Cosplaaaaaay lessthanthree by JackHarknessHarter OC Cosplaaaaaay lessthanthree :iconjackharknessharter:JackHarknessHarter 6 31
When we met,
You completed me.
You brought me to life again.
You reveal me. Then you heal me
Of all the scars and strife.
And when my life was spinning downward,
You caught me.
I'd forgotten how to smile, but
You re-taught me.
My dream lover and lifemate,
You know every part of me.
We're bound forever, soul to soul.
You hold the very heart of me.
I can never betray you.
I hope you never part from me.
In love forever, this life and next.
You are the very heart of me.
:iconuchihaitachi-sama:UchihaItachi-sama 2 1
A Human on Vulcan
After several miscarriages, Amanda has given up on ever having children with Sarek. One snooty Vulcan woman insults Amanda for being unable to have a child, and Sarek is quick to avenge his wife...
She'd finally given up… After so many miscarriages and so many doctors telling her that a human and Vulcan hybrid was biologically impossible, Earth-born Amanda Greyson was giving up any hope of bearing a child for her very proud Vulcan husband, Sarek.
So when she and Sarek made love, it was because of their feelings for one another and not to breed. There were times, though, that the young woman feared her husband was growing to hate her for being barren just because they were two different species. But then… Sarek proved her wrong.
They were in the home of T'Praul, the wife of Shusev, the mother of eight. And she was very, very proud of that fact. Knowing that she and Sarek had been married for over a year, and knowing that she'd experienced many miscarriages, T'Praul sniffed
:iconswalka1991:swalka1991 17 14
Black Knight ALWAYS Triumphs by lolitaxlolita Black Knight ALWAYS Triumphs :iconlolitaxlolita:lolitaxlolita 4 16 Egyptian Dream by karracaz Egyptian Dream :iconkarracaz:karracaz 22 14 New ID? xD by JackHarknessHarter New ID? xD :iconjackharknessharter:JackHarknessHarter 3 19 Cyndi Lauper 2 by ladyjart Cyndi Lauper 2 :iconladyjart:ladyjart 10 12 Corey Feldman.. by ladyjart Corey Feldman.. :iconladyjart:ladyjart 11 12 Pinhead... by ladyjart Pinhead... :iconladyjart:ladyjart 15 5 Valentine's eve, main part 2 by Racionn Valentine's eve, main part 2 :iconracionn:Racionn 23 29
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Mom Jan
United States
I'm a professional old crock,a life-long Trekkie,I ship slash,love 'V',enjoy writing and drawing,computers,ice cream,sci-fi,horror,anything Irish,Stephen King,Poe,and lots of other neat stuff...See my Devious Info for more tidbits...;)

Current Residence: The Twilight Zone
deviantWEAR sizing preference: nyb
Print preference: finger
Favourite genre of music: Irish,classical,satiric
Favourite photographer: Mathew Brady-Civil war photographer
Favourite style of art: realistic,impressionistic
Operating System: Linux
MP3 player of choice: my kid's
Shell of choice: clam
Wallpaper of choice: Starry Night
Skin of choice: my own,only tanned a bit
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck
Personal Quote: You can lead a horse to water,but a pencil must be lead.

Just A HeadsUp from The Old Crock

Journal Entry: Fri May 20, 2011, 8:46 AM
  • Reading: As little as possible for the moment
  • Drinking: Diet Sierra Mist...Meh...
Sorry to have been absent lately, but I'm still fighting the headache war, and so far the headache is winning...sigh...Can only be on here a few minutes, so thought I'd say Hi to all my sweeties, and sadly, goodbye,at least for a while...Due to doctor bills and other assorted  bills, I don't have the $$$ to pay for my internet just now...It will be temporarily shut off till I get caught up...It's due to be shut off tomorrow,so...:(

I am feeling some better, but just can't seem to shake the headache...Doc wants more tests next week, so...I will try to let you know what I find out,ok? I am sure gonna miss you all, but hopefully I can get back on very soon...

Now, while I'm gone, I want you all to behave...No fighting, no stealing cookies out of the jar, and don't track dirt in the kitchen,ok? If you're very good, there may be a surprise for you when I get back! ;)

Must go for now...Remember that The Old Crock loves you all, more than tongue can tell...:heart:



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I am working.

It may not be a traditional job.

I am though. I'm also my dads caregiver. He's terminal and disabled. Makes it hard to get out of the house.

He's on oxygen 24/7, he's got urinals, he can't cook for himself.

The state of Nevada won't pay family members to care for him, nor will they put him in a home. They say he doesn't have memory issues like Alzheimers. They don't live with him. I do. So, we're moving home or trying to move home. I've already started the process with the company I was with before we left Colorado last year.

If anyone, and I mean anyone could help... I'd appreciate it. One of my best friends already did, she can't help much, but... Please! I want to make the last little bit of his life pleasant, my little brother deserves to be with his friends.

My pride is taking a hit as it is. I can't tell you how much I would appreciate the help. My gratitude would know no bounds.
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I'll never forget you. 
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I still wonder sometimes what has happened to you. Why you went offline one day and never came back. You're still missed.
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